Monday, October 30, 2006

Jeffrey Katzenberg Sketches

This evening Jeffrey Katzenberg, the K in Dreamworks SKG, came to A&M to give a talk/presentation on the 'future of computer animation'. 95% of these are of him.

He also showed us 5 min of Shrek 3, which was pretty cool.

He said at Dreamworks "We make movies for adults and for the adult in every child." (Disney said he made movies for children and the child in every adult)

I'm not exactly sure what that means. He also said Shrek was about how if you don't love yourself no one will love you. (this seems a very strange concept of love to me)

He was slightly embarrassed that Dreamworks first film, The Prince of Egypt, was a bible story. (but said it was good despite being a bible drama)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


While not studying for my test today.
(from a photo, not from life)

Monday, October 23, 2006

"The important thing to bear in mind while drawing
the figure is that the model is a human being, that it is alive, that it
is there on the stand. Look on the model with respect, appreciate
his or her humanity. Be very humble before that human being. Be
filled with wonder at its reality and life. There is a human creature
that lives and breathes and feels, a thing with a mind and character
of its own--not a patchwork of light and shadow, color shapes."

-John Sloan

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Commune kitchen, then and now

The one on the left is Dec '05, the right was drawn in Sept '06.

I am messy.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Breakfast today and discussion group last night

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Starbucks sketches

Top page is starbucks today, bottom is random hands/arms from yesterday.

Incidentally, I spent 666 cents at starbucks. I'm not sure which should disturb me more, the mark of the beast at an evil corporation or the fact that I (a poor college student) spent over 6$ on food that wasn't a meal.

On the bright side, my ability to draw glasses has gone up by 20%.

Subway and class sketches

Subway on the left. Class on the right.

Subway like sandwiches, not subway like trains, unfortunately. I would love to draw on subways as so many great sketcher do, but there are no subways around.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Successful Sbisa Sketches

Breakfast this morning. I'm slowly improving. These hands and arms were much better then usual, also I drew every one the same orientation on the page.

It was alot of fun drawing that guy's messy hair, mine was probably worse.

I need to break out of profiles though.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

solo mini sketchcrawl

After listening about Sketchcrawling on friday I really wanted to do one, so, yesterday I wake up at about noon, and I'm not really in the mood for a sketch marathon, but I had some movies to return to blockbuster and having a broken bike and no car, I thought I might as well go by sketchbook and feet.


random aggies: and another one of my fav. trees:
if beautiful women were trees this would be one:

First I went to the SCC to scan the last's post's drawings,
while I was there I sketched, and debated about where
to eat lunch:

I decided on Taco Cabana, which is sort of on the way to blockbuster...

(click on the maps to go there on google maps)

So I walk through this field and decide to sketch plants,
but my "financial aid" pens that I picked up the day before
really do suck as the lady told me, so, I goto office max and buy
some blue 12/1$ pens (on sale), then I go to Barnes and Noble and
sketch people there:

After B&N I eat at Taco C. while reading a good book on aesthetics

Then move on... sketch myself in a store window...

Return my movies....

Head towards the neighboring parking lot

And sketch a telephone pole and street light in the parking lot,
wander south, sketching trees and plants

About now I pick up this strange looking thing I'll call a brain-fruit, which I sketch, and take a pic of with my cell phone(along with an interesting flower):

Let me know if you know what they are called.

So, I end up here...

....and draw the backs of these stores, which was fun,
and perhaps the best sketch of the day:

during all this I'm listening to Ennio Morricone, Moulin Rouge, and (to complete a natural list) some Douglas Wilson sermons.

So I head over to Sweet Eugene's Coffee shop to sketch people,
and on the way I sketch a car and a tree, and see the Sunset:

While sketching people, I get 'noticed' and pointed at by a group of people, who proceed to randomly stare at me at take my picture with a flash. Keep in mind, this is College Station, Tx, where any art has shock value.

As I grow tired of sketching, I run into "a geek with reasonably good social skills" and have some good philosophy/theology conversation.

The End.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oct 12 and 13

Oct 12 (that's one of my fav. trees)

Yesterday in class, I borrowed a pen from some one, but it was a much nicer pen then I am used too, so it was hard to get used too. I prefer cheap ball-points.

and then at the Aerospace engineering picnic which I happened to walk by:

It was fun, even though they didn't turn out great. I didn't have a pen though, so I ran into the nearest building and search the floors for a pen until I found one.

I sketched the picnic while listening to this Iconic interview with Enrico Casarosa, founder of (a sketchcrawl is a drawing marathon, something I am looking forward to doing soon)

Edit: I forgot this:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've been sketching alot in this one class, and it's interesting sketching the same people over and over again, I've drawn all but the top right guy perhaps 4 to 7 times each.

Edit: I've had a habit of writing NO over faces that I drew unbearably uglily.

Morning sketches

This one was during breakfast at Sbisa, there was a beautiful fog this morning, but ball-point pens are not the best for rendering fog. Also, strangely enough the people sitting around me all seemed to be badly proportioned, but I drew them as they were.

This one was after breakfast in the MSC, where people were studying and sleeping in turn.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today's sketches and one from yesterday.

This was yesterday at lunch (large person eating)
and yesterday evening (everything else.)

Lunch today.

Northgate Post office after lunch.

A walk home this evening

Perhaps my broken bike will give me more opportunity to sketch.
I did part of this while listening to Iconic Podcast's interveiw with Tim O'Brian.

Yesterday's sketches

"Think of the act of drawing as a doorway that leads you into a far richer world of experience and discovery. It provides an excuse to leave home for an afternoon in order to meet new people, or poke around on the far side of town. It gives you an opportunity to sit on a stream back for two hours looking at nothing but a six-inch high plant. It gets you out there in the wonderful carnival of the human race, as you go people watching with a pencil."
-The Artist's Guide to Sketching

I had some fun in photoshop with this one, in 'just a few clicks' I turned it in to a 'gritty piece of modern art':

Class Sketches

(It helps me not fall asleep);)

Suspicious sketching

On Monday as I was driving by the plants and refineries in Corpus, I pulled of the side of the road and sketched this one, as I was turning around, the plant security guy pulled up behind me and got my ID, Then the Corpus Christi port police came and talked to be about security and why this would be a terrorist target etc. Then asked me if he could have the sketch. I asked him if I could snap a picture of it with my camera-phone. (that's the officer's leg on the left) And then I ripped it out of my sketch book and handed it to him. I don't usually rip pages out of my sketch books, but then again no one with a gun on their belt ever wanted one before.

So I've been talked to by the police twice for taking pictures, once for moving dirt, once for climbing a tree, and now once for sketching.

Library Sketches

My most succesful people sketches have been at the main Corpus Library, because they make people stand up to use the internet. I'll have to sketch there more often. I attempted to paint that last one with digital 'watercolors':

Not too great, but a lot of fun!