Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Suspicious sketching

On Monday as I was driving by the plants and refineries in Corpus, I pulled of the side of the road and sketched this one, as I was turning around, the plant security guy pulled up behind me and got my ID, Then the Corpus Christi port police came and talked to be about security and why this would be a terrorist target etc. Then asked me if he could have the sketch. I asked him if I could snap a picture of it with my camera-phone. (that's the officer's leg on the left) And then I ripped it out of my sketch book and handed it to him. I don't usually rip pages out of my sketch books, but then again no one with a gun on their belt ever wanted one before.

So I've been talked to by the police twice for taking pictures, once for moving dirt, once for climbing a tree, and now once for sketching.


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