Tuesday, October 10, 2006

John Howe on illustration

"Do you think that fantasy art and artists are overlooked by the artworld or treated as 'illustrators' while abstract painters and conceptual artists get recognition as 'serious' artists?

Actually, it's quite refreshing to be spared all the veneer of solemnity and nombrilism that pervades the fine arts. Abstract and conceptual art is a serious business; if you can convince everyone that a gigantic gilded flower pot on a pedestal is an essential baseline gritty grass-roots indispensable comment on our modern world, then you really must have talent and conviction. Actually, given a little thought, it probably is, given the screwed-up state of world affairs... Narrative art is not in style. It is curious, though. No one criticizes authors for using existing words rather than inventing their own incomprehensible language. I find somewhat sad that many illustrators seem to long so dearly for recognition as fine artists. "

Quoted from this BBC interview
also check out his blog and galleries . I also love his commentaries on the LOTR extended editions.


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